The shielding, filtering and  entity and dark force protection session, offered at includes, personal, or residential or vehicular protection. This protection aids in grounding you and to ease the impact from negative thought forms and lessening it’s affect. It also protects from lower vibrations, entities including those from other dimensions. It filters unwanted influences from negative and unwelcome thought forms from others including manipulation, the charge from negative emotions and influences.
The membrane allows higher vibration energy equal to or greater than your own. It expels and forces out any of the lower, slower or less than you own’s energy.

Karmic release is removing residue from primarily past life resonances. Karmic release also addresses karma accumulated in this life as well. Karma is energetic law so to speak. Those who choose to partake in karmic release are quite blessed with the opportunity to disintegrate our karmic debt.

Karma release or karma clearing changes an individual for the best.  All prior agreement and contracts are canceled.All karmic attachments are gone.  The bi-product of karmic release is that it frees the things that binded you into fully manifesting your life as you choose to design it. The opposition is gone from your subconscious

Karma clearing, karma removal, karma release-releases imprints, karma, obstructions and blocks enabling one to operate at a higher level of being and vibration

Entity Removal – can be done for an individual, a home, land, vehicle or objects- Most people have many entities attached to them that can be disincarnates, low energy thought forms, attachments, think of it as energy not your own, and the like accumulated over a life time and or born with. It is quite normal for those who hasn’t had extensive healing and clearing work done to be overwhelmed by their numbers and presence. Portals are sealed

The Abundance, prosperity, money and wealth activation offered at karmicclearing .com, encompasses clearing your spiritual, mental and emotion aspects to your being. Old programming, subconscious, mal-aligned core and limiting, beliefs, vows, oaths, contacts, childhood indoctrination, fears, negativity, stagnated energy, blocks, triggers, genetic influences, and any predispositions centered around money, wealth, abundance and prosperity are cleared. A new mindset is activated increasing, money, financial opportunities, infinite possibilities including non monetary ones are opened. Prosperity consciousness is introduced, upgraded, repaired, re-sequenced and re-aligned. A stable connection to universal abundance and prosperity is maintained. Clear, re-code, re-align, activate in a new state

This activation

Our DNA contains and stores genetic information and the blueprints for our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies.

When a person’s karma is totally cleared, a magnificent bi-product is DNA Activation. The DNA is activated gradually and incrementally into the thousands of strands. I can also activate a person’s DNA without having their karma released. Seperately, one’s DNA can be also activated into the thousands with each session and can be increased on a multilevel format in stages as the client desires each activation.

Negative entities and thought forms are from the shadow world. It is quite common for human beings to possess over a hundred entities within their bodies, mind, aura and attached to ones soul!  Many are quite surprised at what they were living with.  These lower vibrational being can cause havoc to a person’s psyche and rule the subconscious mind ( as well as negative karma). They are also responsible for many of the deep traumatic experiences as well. Our fear energy is a great adhesive to keep them attached! In every way they can they influence almost every living being.

When I do my combination spiritual healing and cleansing along with the karmic clearing. It can take many hours.   It  really like to be clear as much as possible. It takes time to clear such a large amount of negativity. The aura and chakra systems are addressed as well as the physical mental and emotional bodies additionally are cleared and healed.  I also use a process to accelerate karmic release. I can remove a large amount of karma in a session. It takes several sessionsto fully remove all of one’s karma. I have the capacity to resolve allot  each

Once you clear the karma, entities, discarnates, spirits, and the spells etc.,You have a clear space for me to work in without other major interference or being stymied from outside forces. We can delve in and roll up our sleeves to manifest better health, spiritual growth, ascension, prosperity,abundance and wealth.

When all the negative forces that are bearing down and causing destruction are alleviated, it is easier for the healing process to begin. Inherently the DNA is activated to many thousands of strands as a bi-product. Your consciousness ascends upward to very high dimensions.
Chronic conditions that persist after the initial clearing,