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Karma clearing, karma removal, karma release-releases imprints, karma, obstructions and blocks enabling one to operate at a higher level of being and vibration

Entity Removal – can be done for an individual, a home, land, vehicle or objects- Most people have many entities attached to them that can be disincarnates, low energy thought forms, attachments, think of it as energy not your own, and the like accumulated over a life time and or born with. It is quite normal for those who hasn’t had extensive healing and clearing work done to be overwhelmed by their numbers and presence. Portals are sealed and protection is provided.

Aura and Chakra clearing healing. Removes dark energies, distortions repairs teals, holes, removes other debri and blocks, each is a separate thorough session.

Core/ limited belief removal– People have up to millions of beliefs, many are impacted and entangled with other beliefs like clusters. The more they are evacuated the more limitless outcomes you can manifest without resistance. Many are around self worth that cause a reflection back at you that are defeating. Often they are also self sabotaging. Many financial problems are a direct result of these core/limiting ideations.

Kundalini Activation-Gentle and Safe. Raises Kundalini, soul is aligned with higher or expanded self. This activation can aide you in unblocking limiting beliefs, and merging the physical and divine self.

Law of Attraction Manifestation– Setting an intention for what one would like to manifest, your vibration is raised, Sacred Geometry is used, subconscious patterning is cleared to allow the manifestation of your intention to appear in your reality. A shift in reality by releasing distorted patterns.

Activation of the Intelligent Mind-Builds a stronger connection to God, encompassing love, awareness in the moment with clear intent, a higher frequency, and increased clarity, similar to a re-birthing.

Star seed Initiation– Unlocks blocks to Spirit, awakens communication to Higher Self,beings of light, Ascended Masters, other levels include,integrating your Divine Self, following your Divine plan with least resistance,a deeper level includes connection with your star family, a clearer path, connection to ancestral Source.

The Genesis Process– restores you to your original Divine Soul path, connecting to your cosmic blueprint. Clear blocks and activates DNA.

Higher Chakra activation– opens ans ignites the chakras above your head, raising your vibration and connectivity to Source.

Vortex flush– healing session and activation to clear stagnated situations and circumstances.

I AM Presence – Anchoring (Accessing) the God Self into your physical body, with an axiotonal connection, realignment with the grounding cord. Major blocks are released,Vibration raised, helps to reduce fear and mind chatter.

Wealth Activation– 3 parts, clear, reset and re-code, re-activate wealth connection

Axiotonal Healing– Divine awareness-Physical body is aligned with Axiotonal lines,clears, opens and prepares to receive new energies, aligns the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to facilitate healing. Circuits and grids are activated, realigns meridians and grids, clear balances and reconnects.

Discernment/Foresight/Infinite knowledge Activation-Releases distortions, raises vibration, aligns the will with the Creator, expands brain capacity,Divine blueprint,deeper levels of Wisdom, releasing deeper distortions,purging toxins,releasing densities, and gaining a stronger connection of Higher Self.

Diamond Light Body Activation-Diamond alignment, Connection to Source, Alignment with the Divine, int. intelligence, love as cosmic energy, accelerates your awakening, becoming more relaxed and rejuvenated. Activates the diamond light body, DNA is automatically activated.

Genesis Process-Restores you to your original Divine soul process, clears obstacles that are blocking you, activated DNA

Third eye activation-Clears obstacles that’s preventing you from using your intuition, a third eye cleansing of blocks, limiting beliefs,clearing high within the crown, clearing, vows, contracts, ego cleansing.

Clarity Activation-Assists in awakening to the truth, of who you are, opening yourself to love and peace within, accelerates your inner knowing.

Out of your mind and into your heart, shedding the solid 3D-Builds a new foundation, removes unwanted patterns, energetic frequency is raised,upgraded,alignment to your Higher Self, soul and heart alignment, Heart chakra upgrade. Separation from the hard 3D reality, a heart mind meld of sorts, a Higher Self-heart alignment. Removes veils and distortions and illusions. Think/be from the heart.

Sacred Geometry Activation-Raises the vibration, manifestation sequence and intent implantation,experience a raised shift in reality by releasing distorted energy patterns.

Clarity Activation-Assists in awakening to the truth of who you are,accelerates your inner knowing, an opening of love and peace within yourself.

Divine purpose/ Divine blue print activation -Activation of higher consciousness, cleansing the ego mind, recalibrate and re-establish and anchor in your divine purpose and blue print.

Abundant living/Divine abundance-releases blocks to abundance/beliefs,Establishing success and self esteem, removal of blocked creativity, connection to universal abundance, several sessions in length.

Personal power activation-Empowerment to access assertiveness, self esteem, establishing boundaries, self love and worthiness.

Relationship resolve-clearing and healing session to help resolve the conflict with others including your family.

Letting go of relationships-resolution from breakup in relationships and release wounds from them.

Soul wound clearing and healing– Powerful, deep healing of soul wounds, heal and resolve core issues, cleansing at a soul level

Childhood trauma release-release of dysfunctional family patterns transmitted to you from family members. helps to alleviate inner child wounding

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