Clear the blocks for peace of heart, mind and good health!

Karmic Clearing

Is a rapid clearing release process. It transmutes accumulated karma, karmic imprints, karma removal  and limited beliefs. Releasing karmic blocks and programs re-establishes the energy flow. Karmic contracts, vows, oaths, unresolved emotions and emotional wounds, karmic contracts and agreements, challenges and attachments are eradicated.

Karmic clearing and release

The more karma is cleared, the more material is free to surface, revealed and able to be transmuted. When karma is cleared the ascension process elevated your soul up to a higher consciousness and understanding.

Your vibrational frequency raised.

It is necessary to have several sessions to clear all karma one hundred percent and the ascension process to transpire. When your karma is cleared your DNA and strands are activated and inherited imprints are removed.

I also recommend a comprehensive healing and aura/chakra clearing in addition to the first karmic clearing session. ( You may also only order the healing and clearing session, if you choose not to have your karma cleared). Even if one’s karma is cleared, there is other dark energies that are present and problematic.

Karma Removal

Mental imprints, thoughts, judgments, decisions, actions, choices, karmic lessons, fears, vows, some deeply imbedded subconscious beliefs, large obstructions, blockages are neutralized or vaporized. Once the karma removal takes place, one evolves spiritually and functions from higher aspects of being. Generally one becomes wiser, gentler, compassionate in nature, understanding and intelligence increase as distortions and untruths are seen for what they are. Discovery of your true self and others sets in and the truth is revealed.

Karma Removal will transform your challenges and your life. Acceptance, the Divine and Divine awareness  take over, one moves away from life dictated by karma and it’s entanglement. Once your “slate is clean” there is no more karmic load to overwhelm and weigh you down. The karmic dissolution allows spiritual growth, live a higher potential and to live by Divine love and focus on our Divine mission without so much resistance and struggle.

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