Abundance, Prosperity,Money and Wealth Activation

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The Abundance, prosperity, money and wealth activation offered at karmicclearing .com, encompasses clearing your spiritual, mental and emotion aspects to your being. Old programming, subconscious, mal-aligned core and limiting, beliefs, vows, oaths, contacts, childhood indoctrination, fears, negativity, stagnated energy, blocks, triggers, genetic influences, and any predispositions centered around money, wealth, abundance and prosperity are cleared. A new mindset is activated increasing, money, financial opportunities, infinite possibilities including non monetary ones are opened. Prosperity consciousness is introduced, upgraded, repaired, re-sequenced and re-aligned. A stable connection to universal abundance and prosperity is maintained. Clear, re-code, re-align, activate in a new state

This activation can also be introduced to one’s business and the proprietor’s finances.

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