Q: Is all of your clearing and healing work done in person or remotely?

A: All of my work is done remotely.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

Please use my contact form with your request for an appointment and services your need.
A: I will schedule an appointment day and time. After the clearing/healing session, I will also inform you of any insight as to how many karmic programs exist and how many were removed. I will give you a before and after synopsis of your energy system and how many sessions are needed to remove all of your karma 100%. I am located in P.S.T. and the USA.

Q: What to I need to do to prepare or during the treatment?

A: Nothing, go about your business as usual, even sleep.

Q: Can I do something to help the or speed up the process during our session?

A: No there is no need to do anything. The amount of karma removed in a single session is predicated upon what is safe and can be tolerated by the individual.

Q: Do I feel anything during the procedure.

A: Some feel nothing at all while others report a mild tingling or energetic sensation. It is a very gentle but a very powerful technique.

Q: What do I feel or do after the treatment?

A: Normal detox symptoms can occur, such as nausea, diarrhea, feeling emotional or angry. Some feel quite tired while others don’t. One can feel a bit spacey. Old fleeting memories can surface. Drinking water is encouraged to help flush out all the old debris.

Q: What type of conditions can be alleviated?

A: Any emotional, mental, physical or energetic maladies, weather chronic or acute can dissipate.

Q: Why do you highly recommend a comprehensive healing/clearing session be done with a karma clearing?

A: Karma can certainly be independently removed without the other clearings and healings. The downside is that an individual can still have entities and other negative forces attached to them that can impede their transition. It is great that someone has made huge strides in removing their karma, but I feel, having (for example) a hundred entities in your body, mind and aura are going to cause another set of problems that should be addressed. I’d rather someone be free and start out with everything clean, without anything having a hold on them. I don’t want anything hindering someone’s envolvement. It’s such a precious gift. As a second alternative, I can offer to remove the entities only instead of the whole comprehensive work, and clear karma, if one desires.

Q: What happens when all karma is clear?

A: You ascend! Your physical body remains here until you complete this life time. You don’t need to come back here to learn lessons on this planet ever again. Your spirit goes farther in dimension, multitudes of angels surround you. Your DNA strands are activated into the thousands. Your inner knowingness is magnified.