Negative Energy and Negative Entity Release Negative Energy and Negative Entity Release

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Negative entities and thought forms are from the shadow world. It is quite common for human beings to possess over a hundred entities within their bodies, mind, aura and attached to ones soul!  Many are quite surprised at what they were living with.  These lower vibrational being can cause havoc to a person’s psyche and rule the subconscious mind ( as well as negative karma). They are also responsible for many of the deep traumatic experiences as well. Our fear energy is a great adhesive to keep them attached! In every way they can they influence almost every living being. What attracts negative entities and their lower vibration is an individuals lower vibration that matches theirs.  When a person is stewing in negative emotions such as hatred, greed,anger, revenge, and the like, and or are accompanied by immoderate use of alcohol and drugs you leave an open invitation for these inhabitants.  Other events in your like like abuse, giving or receiving, traumatic events also leave one vulnerable.  These intrusions can range from low level negative thought forms to something more quite menacing and evil.  We can also pick up or be born with entities and extra souls or get a walk-in soul.  There points of entry can be through rips or tears in the aura, through the crown chakra  or landing in your field.  They can be delivered from evil entity or spirit or other humans via hexes, spells or curses ( which I remove as part of my service.)

These entities can manifest themselves as physical, emotional or mental illnesses. They relish in making one miserable, sad, suicidal and reveal in your suffering.  They also impede the karmic removal by trying to overcome the process. The karma can still be removed with them on board, but is a bit more difficult with their interference. I can accelerate the karmic release process and remove the karmic debt at greater speed. They don’t want you happy and well.  I feel it necessary that they are cleared for my clients to acheive inner peace and spiritual empowerment!

Once all the negative energy is released from all aspects of your being, your vibration is raised and your ascension begins. All those old conditions and patterns such as depression and anxiety are gone and you are no longer  swimming in negative thoughts and worry, you are transformed from attracting pain and suffering into attracting peace, love and joy. Your being is now a mega powered light being, balanced and operating at a new higher intensity and oscillating at a different frequency than before. You are no longer a conduit for such menacing energies. There is nothing for them to feed and thrive on. They are unable to gain control of you or your mind again as long as your vibration stays elevated.  They’d rather attach to a non aware, asleep being who languishes in their suffering.

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