Karma Clearing, Entities, Spells, Hexes and Curses

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Once you clear the karma, entities, discarnates, spirits, and the spells etc.,You have a clear space for me to work in without other major interference or being stymied from outside forces. We can delve in and roll up our sleeves to manifest better health, spiritual growth, ascension, prosperity,abundance and wealth.

When all the negative forces that are bearing down and causing destruction are alleviated, it is easier for the healing process to begin. Inherently the DNA is activated to many thousands of strands as a bi-product. Your consciousness ascends upward to very high dimensions.
Chronic conditions that persist after the initial clearing, just need more help to be transmuted. If you suffered from a physical or mental impairment for a couple decades. You may have many subconscious beliefs that you are ill, stuck energetic residue from being in that state of dis-ease, emotional stagnation from all the suffering and pain you endured. At times it’s old vows that were made that need to be released. It may just take several follow-up clearing or healing sessions to get through the remainder of your issues.

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